Kids Crafts: Solar System

Here is our very own Solar System for the kids to play with and learn more about our planets.

Kids Craft Solar System


My daughter and her friend really loved making these. The girls have been very fascinated about Sun and the eight planets.  I talked to them about how different each planet is in size and color. We saw some lovely images of each planet on the website Views of the Solar System.  To help them better understand their size relatively, I wanted to have an hands on activity for them. So, I picked up some styrofoam balls in varying sizes. The sizes are not to scale, but are relative. Then the girls painted the balls err I mean their planets.

Kids Craft Solar SystemTo make it easier for little hands, I stuck the stryofoam balls onto wooden skewers and propped them up in styrofoam  blocks. You could use playdough too.  This isn’t very scientific but it was fun.

Kids Crafts Solar System

After we had finished painting all the planets, the girls pointed out that we had forgotten the sun. Sigh! We had no stryofoam balls left so painted a paper plate yellow-orange for our Sun. Here’s a look at our own planets :)

Kids Craft Solar System

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