Easter Egg Opposites – Learning Antonyms With Easter Eggs

I added a learning element to the plastic Easter eggs that are all around the house these days and my girl got to review some of the antonyms while playing.

Kids Learning Antonyms Easter Eggs

It is a known factor that making themed learning activities for kids is a great way to sustain their interest. It makes them to enjoy the same learning activity in a fun and interesting way. A few bright hearts during Valentine’s, pumpkins and leaves in fall,  few egg shapes for Easter all go a long way in my house. They get played with even after the holiday is long gone. Today I am sharing one such activities for kids with a hint of intentional learning.

An antonym is the opposite of a word. It is often used to help a writer show the difference between two things. Understanding these terms help kids to become better readers and writers. Examples of simple antonyms are hot/cold, big/small, near/far, loud/quiet. There are many ways to practice using antonyms, including worksheets, using them in a story, and playing games. Perhaps the one most children would love, would be games!

Here’s what I did, gathered a couple of plastic eggs. Then using a permanent marker wrote some of the antonyms on them – one word on each half of the egg. Mixed them up and let my girl play with them.

Kids Learning With Easter Eggs antonyms

 My girl had to pick one half of the egg and read the word. Then she would read the words on the lower half of the eggs and choose the one that is its opposite. And join them to make an antonym pair.

Learning Antonyms With Easter Eggs

And then move to the next one..

Egg Antonyms Easter Learning Kids

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