Berry Basket Treasure Chest

Berry Basket Treasure Chest

Children love treasures!
A little while back we had fun making Treasure Rocks and have been looking forward to making a simple treasure chest to keep them (and any other treasures) in. Here is how we made it.



– Berry Basket

– Cardboard (we used some recycled from a cereal box)

– Scissors

– Tape

– Acrylic Paint

– Embellishment for handle (optional, we ended up using a sticker)



Cut your cardboard to size. Stick one end to one side of your berry basket lid and then bend the cardboard to form an arch and stick to the other side of the lid.


It should look something like this.


To enclose the ends, stick tape from the top of the cardboard lid to the bottom of the plastic lid (the top of the berry basket) until the gap is completely filled in.


Your treasure chest is now ready to paint.


Paint carefully over the tape on the sides and then paint the rest of your basket.


When it was dry we painted a few stripes of varying shades of brown to make it appear more like wood and added a shiny sticker “letter D” for a handle.

IMG_9202When dry, go on a treasure hunt to find things to fill your treasure chest with. Enjoy!

What are your child’s favourite treasures?