25 Learning Activities With Pumpkins

Fall is in the air and with it comes loads of pumpkins in various sizes and shapes. Pumpkins are all wonderful to make art with your kids. You can paint, decorate and carve them. You could also have some learning fun with pumpkins. Today I have 25 learning activities with Pumpkins for your kids with many wonderful printables  that you and your kiddos will love.

Learning with Pumpkins

    1. 2 Teaching Mommies has a wonderful lesson plan filled with lots of learning ideas for free download.
    2. 3 Jewels in my Crown shares a fun pumpkin seed math activity.  
    3. Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers explored the pumpkins and worked on their counting skills using pumpkin seeds.
    4. The First Grade Parade  has a fun addition and subtraction lesson
    5. Little Giraffes has lots of Math activities with pumpkins like measuring weight, circumference  etc. 
    6. Mathwire has a whole section of great pumpkin math activities. I love the symmetrical pumpkin, a pumpkin farm game and the pumpkin jumble game which teaches kids about pattern blocks and probability.
    7. Learn to measure height, circumference and graphs on Kindergarten Lessons
    8. Learn patterns with pumpkins and a free floor number cards printables 
    9. A fun learning game spin and graph pumpkins over at The Nature of Grace
    10. School time snippets has lots of great ideas especially love their Sight Word Pumpkin SMASH!
      Learning for kids With Pumpkins
    11. Fun pumpkin lapbooks at 1+1=1.  
    12. Preschool toolbox has a wonderful post on learning pumpkin sight words 
    13. Learn about feelings with pumpkins  
    14. Love the pumpkin similies printable book at ABC Teach 
    15. Pumpkin word sort at Learning Hypothesis. 
    16. Experiment to check if pumpkins sink or float  over at The First Grade Parade and Little Wonders Days
    17. Learn about Pumpkin lifecycle and pumpkins observatory printables 
    18. Montessori learning ideas for lifecycle of pumpkins along with a printable
    19. Learn what happens to a rotting pumpkin over at Kids Activities Blog 
    20. Little pumpkin puzzles made using  craft foam cut-outs which are quick to make and kids will love them!!
    21.  File Folder Fun has a cute phonics pumpkin game. 
    22.  Prek-8 has a pumpkin odd one out game, great for talking about similarities and differences!  
    23.  Making Learning Fun have a great section of pumpkin stuff. Pocket chart activities, magnet pages, tracing pages, printable books, easy pumpkin recipes for kiddos, math and science activities!  
    24.  The Home Teacher has a bunch of free printables centered around the pumpkin theme- including this idea for finding the missing number, a pumpkin puppet, creative writing pages, and expanded notation math! 
    25.  First School has a whole section of pumpkin learning ideas and crafts- lots of free printables and some more cute pumpkin printables from Kidsparkz!