The Impact of #ReadForGood and Top Kid Blogs For Everyday Inspiration

It is week 6 of the MeMeTales Readathon 2012. On the final week of the Readathon, we wanted to step back and remind everyone,one more time, about the HOW and WHY of Readathon2012

How has it gone? Amazing.

It has been incredibly satisfying to make a difference in little ways. To drive a love for reading while feeding hungry kids. I cannot think of much else that can be more satisfying! I really have no words to explain the feeling!


1. Because Summer Learning Loss is Real

 It is my very first real summer where my kids have been off from school, but I have witnessed how easy it is for kids to forget about reading. It is so much harder for families that are poor and do not have access to books and reading. 

2. To Feed Hungry Kids.

I cannot remember when I last experienced hunger. I have never had to struggle for a meal, but so many thousands of kids do.  And really, would a child care for an education if he/she did not have food to eat? FoodForEducation is a truly brilliant organization that feeds kids midday meals so they can concentrate while they learn in school.

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Getting kids to read one book at a time. Getting kids to learn one meal at a time. That is what we have done. That is what YOU Have helped us do.



Kids read. A whole lot. We are feeding thousands of kids as a result.




Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is accomplished alone and in isolation. The impact of the Readathon has been made possible due to the hard work, support and passion of some amazing bloggers and their communities.

Here is a list of all the bloggers and blogs. Head over and check them out!

No Time For Flash Cards

Hands On As We Grow

No Twiddle Twaddle

Make Do & Friend

Putti’s World

JDaniel 4’s Mom

Inspiration Laboratories

The Usual Mayhem

Plain Vanilla Mom

Mama Smiles

Carrots are Orange

Playdough to Plato

Rainy Day Mum

Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers

The Educator’s Spin On It

The Golden Gleam

Toddler Approved

Learn with Play at Home

The Iowa Farmer’s Wife


THANK YOU! Keep Reading and join us again next year!



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