Readathon 2012 Week 2 : Friendship

It is week 2 at the Readathon!

Did you know that in Week 1,  we had over 1256 kids join the Readathon?

That means we have donated over 1256 meals to hungry kids via

And how many books did kids read?

Kids read 12,658 books!

And we are well on track to 100K book reads and donating 10K meals!

We need to pick up steam but I know we can do it!!

TIME FOR WEEK 2 Based on Friendship

It is week 2 at the MeMeTales Readathon. June 25 – July 1, 2012

If you are new here, look at this post to learn about how you can participate in the Readathon.

Every week Readathon Books will appear on MeMeTales as shown below –



Our THEME this week is FRIENDSHIP

With their big imaginations, kids tend to have friends way before we realize they do. Their imaginary friends are great to teach us many a things!

This week, we have some awesome books from Stickfiggy – some of the most read books on the MeMeTales platform

and Era Publications – a family owned Australian publisher with a longstanding reputation for excellence in the field of literacy and English language teaching at the primary school levels, and in children’s picture books.


Click on the links below to read the books for this week




Here are the stickers and certificates for this week –

1. Click here to download certificate_week2

2.  Download the Sticker Sheet  progress_report_stickers

3. A progress report – be sure to stick your stickers from the sticker sheet into the progress report! progress_report



If you are signed up on the Readathon, you should already have access to a wonderful FRIENDSHIP Based  Curriculum via the Newsletter .


Have lots of fun reading! Don’t forget, for every kid that joins the Readathon, we are feeding a hungry child!