Parts Of My Body – Book & Craft

Our Book of the Week is “Parts Of my Body” by Memetales. A Babies First book that helps children to recognize and learn all the body parts. The book contains very fun pictures of little babies introducing the various parts of our body. It is a must read for both parents as well as our cute little readers.

Book of the Week

Parts Of My Body
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Parts Of My Body

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After reading “Parts Of My Body” book, we thought of doing an activity which goes well with our book.  So we decided to make “EarPhones” which they can proudly show off as their own.

What you’ll need: Two Orange Construction Paper, Hard Brown Paper, Scissor, Stapler, Glue, Bangle or Empty Bowl, Marker, Chenille Stems, Tape,

Step 1: Let your kids fold the hard brown paper in half and let them cut it.

Step 2: Let your kids join each ends of hard brown paper and staple it.

Step 3: Let your kids make four circles with an empty bowl or a bangle on an orange construction paper.

Step 4: Let them cut all the four circles.

Step 5: Now, let them glue two circles together on both the ends of the brown strip.

Step 6: Let them cut more small strips on an orange construction paper and glue it for decorating the earphones (optional).

Step 7: Now let your kids join two – three chenille stems together like a long string and tape it from inside of an earphones.

It turned out to be an easy and a comfortable wear for kids and they wanted to wear their EarPhones forever :)

Do read “Parts Of My Body” by Memetales with your kids and share your experience with us. I’ll will be back with another craft on Thursday!!!