Jack And The BeanStalk – Book & Craft

“Jack And The BeanStalk” by Jacob Josephs is another book in our fairy tale collection. In this story, a fairy tells Jack about the castle and the hen that lays the golden eggs and  ask Jack to fight and take his castle back from the giant.  The book is filled with colorful beautiful illustrations and is meant for our little readers who love reading fairy tale stories.

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Jack And The BeanStalk
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Jack And The BeanStalk

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Ater reading “Jack And The BeanStalk”,  we decided to make Hen with Handprints. And as expected, it turned out to be a great fun activity for the kids as they love doing activities that involve Handprints.

What you’ll need : White,Red & Orange Construction Paper, Red Paint, Scissor, Glue, Googly Eyes & Marker.

Step 1: Using a red paint, let your kids print their hands on a white construction paper.

Step 2: Let the paint dry first and then glue googly eyes on the thumb.

Step 3: Let your kids draw a beak, toes and cut it.

Step 4: Let your kids cut comb.

Step 5: Atlast, let them glue comb.

And, a “Handprint” Hen was ready in no time. Isn’t this a simple idea to keep your little ones busy doing something creative. Do share your experience reading our book of the week!