Vegetables – A book by Memetales and related crafts

Our Book of the Week is “Vegetables” by Memetales. It is a fun book for kids to learn the names of the various vegetables. Even the babies will find this book interesting as the book is filled with bright pictures of vegetables for the very curious and budding little readers. 

Book of the Week 

Some Fun Activities

 Since our featured book this week is “Vegetables” ,we thought of doing some activities with vegetables that we eat or use on a daily basis so that kids can learn and remember the names of vegetables.

Activity #1 : An “Eggplant” Man

What you’ll need: One Eggplant, Glue, Pom-Poms (Small & Big), Googly Eyes. 


Step 1: Let your kids glue googly eyes on an Eggplant. 


 Step 2: Let your kids glue a big size pom-pom on an Eggplant to make the nose. 


Step 3: As the last step, ask them to glue small size pom-poms to add a cute smile on the face of the “Eggplant” man.  


Activity # 2: Draw and Color an Eggplant

What you’ll need : Green Glitter, Purple Glitter, Glue, Construction Paper, Marker. 

Step 1: Help your kids to draw an Eggplant on a construction paper with a marker.


Step 2: Ask them to put glue all over the Eggplant. 


Step 3: Finally, let your kids sprinkle green and purple glitter all over the Eggplant. 


Here’s how our Eggplant turned out:


You can use other types of “vegetable(s)” for either one of these activities. Isn’t this a fun activities for little kids? Try it with your kids and share your experience with us.