Earth’s Day – Kid’s Craft and Books

On the ocassion of Earth’s Day,  we gave some tips to teach kids to help our planet through our Monday blog. And, we encouraged kids as well as adults to walk or ride a bicycle to school or to the park, or the store or to the work which is a great way to help reduce the pollution created by cars, trucks and buses. 

To memorialize Earth’s Day, we made a bicyle using a paper. Lastly, we read a couple of books related to Earth’s Day as part of our celebration.

What you’ll need : White, Red & Green Construction Paper, Scissor, Glue & Marker.

Step 1: Let the kids cut two circles and a triangle on a red construction paper and another (bigger) triangle on a  green construction paper.

Step 2: Let your kids put the green triangle on top of the red circle to make the body of the bicycle.

Step 3: Let your kids draw the handle of the bicyle with a marker.

Step 4: Let your kids glue the small red triangle to make the bicycle seat. And, the paper bicycle is ready!

My Favorite books on Earth’s Day:

“The EARTH Book” by Todd Parr is a very excellent book for kids. It’s a book where kids can learn different ways to protect the earth and make it feel good. The author puts across a very important message for kids – If they take care of our planet, it will take care of them.

“Home on the Earth” by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Viviane Garofoli is a very melodious book for kids. In this book, the illustrator explains through words as well as pictures the basic materials that make up our planet.