Toilet Paper Roll Parrot – Kids craft

Did you check out our Book of the week – Destiny? Since the book featured the story of a Parrot, we thought of making a colorful Parrot with a Toilet paper roll and a Styrofoam ball. Since we read the book earlier this week, the kids could relate this craft to the book which made it even more interesting for them.

What you’ll need : Toilet Paper Roll, Styrofoam Balls, Green Paint, Googly Eyes, Red Felt Cloth, Feathers, Chenille Stems & Glue.

Step 1: Paint a Toilet paper roll with green color to make the body of the Parrot and let the paint dry.

Step 2: Paint the Styrofoam ball with green color to make the face of the Parrot and let it dry.

Step 3: Cut out two triangles on a felt cloth to make the Parrot’s beak.

Step 4: Make Parrot’s feet with green chenille stems.

Step 5: Cut a small slits on the Toilet paper roll to fit the Styrofoam head. Add Googly eyes to complete the face of the Parrot.

Step 6: Glue beak, colored feather and feet to the body of the Parrot.

Isn’t this so easy to make? Try it out with your kids and share your experience. What did you do this week? Read a book or made a craft?