Colorful Fall Window Display – Inspired By Frugal Family Fun Blog

Kids really enjoy water painting so we decided to make a colorful window display. It was completely inspired by Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog and her lovely Autumn Window.

We used hand cut outs for the tree and the branches – so that was one change we made.

What you’ll need: Plain white construction paper, Coffee filters, Water color, Pencil, Scissor, Glue.

Step 1 : Trace your child’s hand and cut out to form the branch of the tree.

Step 2: Paint the coffee filters.

Step 3: Let it dry.

Step 4: Take all the painted coffee filter, fold them and cut out to make the leaves.

Step 5: Put the branch and the leaves together by sticking them with a double sided tape on your glass window.

Look how colorful and lively the leaves appeared.

What fall crafts have you done ?