5 Little Ducklings – The creative process behind the scenes!

Kristy Kelm is the illustrator of the book 5 Little Ducklings. Here she tells us about her process of illustrating the book. Congratulations to Kristy on a job well done! We recently even licensed 2 of her ducklings out to be used with some beautiful organic clothes!! We cannot wait to show you how they turned out, but for now, we hope you enjoy Kristy’s post here!

Hi, my name is Kristy and I am the illustrator of Five Little Ducklings. I am a stay at home mom, with a degree in graphic design. I recently went back to college to see what was new in the design world. Five Little Ducklings originated from a class project.

Maya collaborated with the college and handpicked a few books for Memetales. I was one of the lucky ones picked to be digitally published on the Memetales website. Yea!

Going through the design process:

When I began thinking of ideas for the duckling book I started doing some research. What did I want my ducklings to look like? I surfed the web looking at photos of mama and baby ducks. I recalled how my kids loved reading Little Quack over and over again. I wanted to created some ducklings that had a little whimsy to them.

I began to do some sketches.

Narrowing down the characteristics of each duck.

(photos: early faces, Mary, duck 3.2, boy duck, duck family)

Ok, now I was ready to illustrate the story. But what should the format look like? I decided on a colorful, counting type book and the creation of the Five Little Ducklings was underway.

I used Adobe Illustrator and the bamboo pen to create my duckies.

Thanks for looking at my book!

Many blessing,

Kristy Kelm

Thanks for sharing your process Kristy!

Now we hope you all will all enjoy this little book :)

Signing off – Quack quack!

Five Little Ducklings
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Five Little Ducklings

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