Friendship theme Craft – Lion with Paper Bag

We made a fun paper bag lion to go with our book “Rufus’ first night alone”. Turned out to be a rather cute hand puppet ! It is also a craft that goes well with our book of the week!

Here is how YOU can make it  –

What you’ll need: Brown paper bag,  Black, White and Orange colored construction paper, googly eyes, glue, scissor, and a  marker.

Step 1: Cut a nose shape from white paper. Paste a black oval paper over it. Glue a nose and cut the brown paper bag.

Cut the top of the paper bag in the shape of a lion’s head.

Step 2: Add eyes and ears to complete the face.

Step 3: Glue strips of paper on both sides of the lion’s face.

Step 4: Cut an orange colored paper in the shape of a flower to make the lion’s mane and glue it on the back of the lion’s face.

Step 5: Using a marker, a draw a mouth to complete the face of the lion.

And, the paper bag lion hand puppet is ready for your kid to play!

Related books on Friendship

Tiger and Turtle by James Rumford, illustrates how kids can learn to make friends by sharing with each other. It’s a very interesting story of two unlikely adversaries, a Turtle and a Tiger who quarrel for an insignificant flower only to realize that there is not need to fight . There were thousands of flowers around them! After this episode, they decide to not fight with each other anymore and be friends forever.

“Rufus and Max” by Hermann Moers is a story about two friends, Rufus and Max who decided to build a castle one day so that they can be “Kings” of the meadow. Unfortunately, none of their friends notice their castle as they walk past it. Rufus and Max add new things to their castle to make it more attractive and majestic. At the end of the day, they give up on their expectations that their friends will notice their castle and just enjoy  building the castle using their creativity. It’s a great inspiration for kids to imagine new things and to be creative every day while not worrying about others always noticing what they do.

“Forever Friends” by Carin Berger is a very short and simple story that emphasize true friendship lasts forever. In this story kids learn how to make true friends.

Of course our very own “Rufus’ first Night Alone”

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