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Cook it up! How to make Crumbled Tofu Noodles with your kids

I was traveling most of last week at a conference. At one point, late at night, I got an email from my husband, with this blog post.

It warmed my heart. I think I should share it with you all.

So, here are instructions for how to make and enjoy Tofu Noodles with the kids –

1. Crumble the tofu

2. Mixing the sauce, vegetables and noodles

3. A full plate and clean table

4. Wow this is cool

5.And we can slurp it in

6.I am finished and am happy

7. And I am full but i still want to eat

A lot of mess… but after clean up happy kids, happy dad.

Do YOU let your kids help with food? What is YOUR experience?

How to Potty Train your infant – Instructions and book recommendations!

Are you planning on potty training your infant? We have EVERYTHING you need  – a link to an exhaustive potty training post, book recommendations and more!

1. Over on the Simplemom Blog is our guest post about How to Potty Train your Infant.

2. NoTimeForFlashCards had a great roundup of kid’s books for potty training. Go out and read that! Allie always features great books and books she knows.

3. Sean Platt or Writerdad has a great resource and site on Potty Training called PottyTrainingPower. We also have a fun book on Memetales that he wrote. You can read the book on our site.

Number One And Two It
memetales logo

Number One And Two It

See more at memetales

Press flower cards – A delicate a creative craft for kids.

Look, we made lovely pressed flower cards! Last week we made these cards to give away as thank you gifts to my daughter’s teachers.

We save leaves and flowers inside the page of big and heavy Books – and last week we made lovely dry press flower cards. They turned out beautiful am you can make them too!

1. Take a thick piece of paper of thin cardboard

2.fold the paper and cut it into the size you like.

3. Place the petals and pressed flowers very carefully. Kids have a wonderful eye for such things, so do let them decide how they want to lay the flowers out. Less is more – even a single petal looks beautiful.

4. The most important step is to glue the flower – very very carefully. A dot of glue is enough. And always apply it to the petal by taking a dot on your finger tip. Never directly from the glue container.

5. Let dry

6. That is it. See how beautiful they turned out?

My daughter was so proud of herself for creating something so beautiful! She made the cards for her teachers and handed them off yesterday – right before they all split for summer break!

Want a book to read with it online – Here it is!

Top 10 Ideas for Father’s Day!

Wondering what YOU should do for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a day to thank and honor fathers. In some ways it is like any other day but we have to kick that celebration factor a few notches higher!

It does not matter if you are a dad, mom, old or young, here are our best activities for Father’s Day. So enjoy!

1. Start the day off just right. How does YOUR dad (or husband) like to start his mornings? If he wants to sleep in, get him coffee in bed. If he loves to be up and active early, then get out for an early morning breakfast.

2. No matter what gift you make or create for dad be sure to make a hand made card.Write a heartfelt message for him inside.

3. Kids are too small to write? Create a video message for dad.

4. Create a story with dad. Draw pictures and make a little book and you have a wonderful keepsake.

5. Make a song for dad. This will be quite a winner if you have toddlers and preschoolers at home.

6. Go on a picnic.

7. Enjoy the morning with dad and force dad to do something he has always wanted to do but never finds the time to do in the afternoon. My husband has always wanted to go golfing and we hope to send him out to do some this weekend.

8. Cook with dad and cook for dad. Make something simple and personal that dad would love to eat!

9. Make a life size portrait of dad. Attach drawing paper to create a HUGE sheet. Ask dad to lie on it and draw the outline. Color it as a family. Decorate dad’s shirt with positive adjectives and words that indicate why you love him.

10. If dad wants quiet time, sit back and read some books or even watch a movie.

I am off to see what all we can do for and with dad this Father’s day. In the meantime, I hope you share your activities and plans!

Why You Should Read and Fall in Love With Children’s Books

Have you never read a children’s book? Do you think children’s books are just for children?

Want to know why you should read them today and everyday? Here you go!

Hand made gifts for Father’s Day – Make a dress up tie!

With Father’s Day coming up, we are working on making some fun gifts for dad this week.
We worked on some fun ties for dad – and we loved them so much we are wearing them ourselves today. Daddy will just have to share :)

Want to make one yourself – here goes ….
1. Gather your materials – a sheet of thick project paper or foam sheet, scissors, colors for decorating, string to tie.

2. Draw up the outline of a tie. Older kids can do the drawing part themselves

3. Cut it up and decorate

4. Color freehand or draw patterns.

5. If they want to be thoughtful, you could ask your kids what their dads like and draw that. Perhaps some cars?

6. Put the string through

7. Project done!

8. Now, save it carefully – or just wear it yourself and have fun :)

Of course, nothing is fun without stories. So be sure to get your children together and read children’s books online after your craft.

Here are our suggestions for books you can enjoy with Dad!

memetales small logo

Benjamin’s Mach…See more at memetales

Have a dad that travels often? Read this!

memetales small logo

Rufus’ First Ni…See more at memetales

Successful College Collaboration and a few great books!

Alphabet Book

Concept Sketches

Darius the Dreamer



Completed Books!

Completed Books

We had a great college collaboration with the students at the Everett Community College.

I was impressed beyond my wildest imagination! The students worked incredibly hard to work on the creating the characters, storyboarding and working on illustrating the stories. They got a LOT done in just 3 weeks.

I cannot wait for a number of students to join our collaboration space and get more involved. I cannot wait to publish the books that have just been created!

It has been a great experience for me and I hope the students enjoyed the process. It was great watching the students learn from and critique each other. More than anything, it was awesome to see all the individual styles come out in their illustrations – a true indicator of real artists and a sign that as they work on their individual styles and hone them, they will be out there being loved as the up and coming picture book illustrators !