Use Storytelling to Inspire Kids to Go Green

Today, I have a guest post up on the Simplemom Blog.

I am excited about the post because, over the past two years, I have rediscovered the power of stories for just about anything with my kids. Stories are SUCH an amazing tool.

Here is an excerpt of my post –

Here is the rain story we share with my two-year-old and 3.5-year-old:  The oceans have so much water. Little clouds float around and sip a little bit of water everyday. The clouds get bigger and bigger. And they get heavier. The sky gets really crowded and the clouds start running into each other. Then there is thunder, and soon after comes rain.

That’s it — our rain story. The kids love to hear it and tell everyone the story. We also draw and enact the idea — drawing a story is a really great technique to help little kids learn about the environment. We use my office whiteboard to “draw” out the story — no rules really. Since I have little girls, we also do a lot of story plays in our household. We run around as clouds, act like we are all bloated up, run into each other and pour down in rain.

Before you know it, the kids have learned about the rain cycle in a fun way.

Head on over to Simplemom and red my full post –   Use Storytelling to Inspire Kids to Go Green.