10 ideas to get your kids to read more books

Just last week, we set up a huge book shelf into our living room. Soon after, something magical happened. My kids started to read a whole lot more. They reach for the books every single time we are in the living room, which is a whole lot.


The kids love their new bookshelf!

After that experience, I backed into these ideas and lessons of what YOU can do to get your preschooler to read more –

1. Surround yourselves with books.2. Make sure to keep your books wherever you spend most time as a family. Consider replacing your TV with a book shelf and see what happens.3. Let the kids pick their own books. Try not to worry about hoe the shelf looks.
4. Read aloud to the kids. Read aloud a lot.
5. Talk about the stories you read – all the time. Talk about the stories you read yesterday and last week.
6. Make sure you read a lot yourself.
7. Have fun rearranging the books in the shelves. You will see the kids will get lost in the reading all of a sudden.
8. Play “find a book” game – it will help kids rediscover books they have not seen in a long time.
9. Do crafts related to books.
10. Illustrate a story. Enact a story. Make puppets for a story. Every little thing you do for a child to connect to the stories will help him or her pick up more books to read in the future. The story is the center of everything – help them fall in love with the stories.

What are YOUR ideas to get your kids to read more?