Thursday Truism – Sorry publishing industry. In the end, it is the stories that matter.

We opened the Memetales site about a week back. We have had LOADS of visits in the past week. Since then, one thought has been running strong in my head –

Does it REALLY matter what happens to the publishing industry? Does it REALLY matter if books, as we know them today, go away??

NOPE – and here is why …

Who does not love stories? Who does not love a good book?

Ages ago, stories were passed down the generations by word of mouth.
Kids and adults listened to stories with great enthusiasm and went away on their own journeys deep inside their heads.

Somewhere along books came in and took over the space. Slowly, storytelling became more of an art form. Storytelling was largely replaced by books – picture books for the little kids, with gorgeous pictures that sparked little minds and help them grow.

And then came the television that turned books and stories into cartoons –with sound and music – voices and action. Then came along the computers that made everyone a writer, everyone a storyteller …

Are books going away, we wonder? Will the old style television go away, we wonder? And then what happens ?

We do not know and at Memetales, we believe, that it does not really matter ….

At the heart of all this are the stories and the people’s love for stories, both of which have stayed intact for generations and generations.

The stories and the HUGE world of imagination and possibilities around them, will stay on forever and ever and ever ….

Stories will NEVER go away because stories are a part of who we are.

Online, offline, in hard bound books, on television, in the arts, music, crafts and paintings ….. the form hardly matters because in every single form the story is what we really celebrate.

Technology provides but a medium … let us use it to enhance our lives and the lives of others , and let us connect with the real people around the things we love. Stories see no fears, no boundaries and no limitations …

If the Publishing Industry sees limitations, well then, that is a sad thing. Things WILL move on irrespective – the best thing we can do it concentrate on sharing the stories and making the most of the technologies today to enhance our experiences.

If you read this far, then Memetales is YOUR space. So go on now and gather around a good story …..

Do you see books going away? Do you see stories going away? What are YOUR thoughts on all this?